About us


Our goal is to bring figures to the U.S. market at competitive prices and low shipping. This is evidenced by our decision to cover all sales taxes ourselves and have a flat rate of $5 per item for shipping any orders.


As for the figures themselves, they are obtained from AAA Anime. AAA Anime is located around Los Angeles, California, and they are the North American exclusive distributor for Good Smile Company, Max Factory, and Alter. So rest assured that the figures are legit and not boot-legs.


How are we different from the competition? We plan on only carrying select figures from high quality companies such as Alter, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, and Max Factory. However, we are always open to suggestions and recommendations for specific products. I also designed the website to be fairly simplistic in the hopes that it will be easy to navigate.


The emphasis of our stock at the moment is on getting a wide range of figures over getting a large amount of a few figures. So we do not have high quantities of each specific figure. However, we do offer pre-orders on many of the new upcoming figures/nendoroids.


Feel free to leave suggestions/concerns such as improvements on site design, a figure we absolutely have to carry, broken features, and etc. by messaging us on the Contact Us form.


We have attended both the Anime Expo and Fanime conventions as Exhibitors and plan to continue doing so. If there's a convention you would like to see us at, please do tell us and we'll look into it!



Thank you for visiting our store and we do hope you enjoy your stay!


Dickson (Reltair)

Figure Haven, Co-Founder